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Results of my 6 Month CBD Experiment For Faster Gains

by Troy Adashun | | | 0 Comments

What do you picture when you think of someone who does Marijuana or CBD daily?

Lazy and fat are 2 words that come to mind for most!

This was the exact feedback I got from friends when I told them I was going to do a 6 month bodybuilding experiment and take CBD every single day.

The goal of the experiment was simple: would daily use of CBD have any positive muscle building benefits?

For decades Marijuana and CBD use has been villainized throughout society, and the thought that you could improve your fitness goals from either would likely land you an appointment at the nut house!

At least that’s what I always thought, but being in the fitness industry I talk to a lot of bodybuilders casually and love to pick their brain.

I’ve gone to the world famous MECCA of Bodybuilding (Gold’s Gym Venice Beach) at least 20 times since moving to Los Angeles.

I’ve spoken face to face with at least a dozen current and former IFBB pro bodybuilders that smoke marijuana and/or take CBD daily.

The question that I ask almost all of them is “What are your thoughts on the effects of Marijuana and bodybuilding”

Supposedly in the golden era of bodybuilding, they were all doing it including the legend ARNOLD himself!

Yes - Arnold was a notorious weed smoker in the prime of his bodybuilding career, and was quoted in an interview saying “he assumed everyone was doing it”



But what if you could get all the positive bodybuilding effects of weed without actually smoking it?

I have been a huge fan of the Joe Rogan Podcast for years and I heard him speak about CBD use for reducing inflammation and boosting muscle recovery back in 2017.

He’s even interviewed a ton of elite level athletes who admit to taking CBD.

In fact, CBD has extremely powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Inflammation is literally the BANE of our existence, and anything we can do to reduce it will have positive effects on muscle building, fat loss, and overall well-being.

This got me thinking, could daily CBD be used to actually SPEED UP muscle building, and what is the actual science behind this?

I started to do my own research, and according to some of the top Doctors and CBD experts in the world “CBD Oil” can be used to speed up muscle building through 3 specific mechanisms:


  1. Lowering Stress and Anxiety (aka “cortisol”)

Cortisol is your body’s stress hormone, and when cortisol is HIGH your body is basically in a catabolic state.

This is the worst state your body could be in for building muscle mass.

According to experts, CBD relaxes your entire body.

Many people who suffer from anxiety and stress seem to benefit the most

I know for someone who is “wound up a little tight” this was a big reason I was excited to start the experiment.

I felt like for years my body was “too stressed” as I was living a fast paced entrepreneur life, and I started to think this was the reason I had hit a muscle building plateau.


  1. Reducing Inflammation and Pain

Inflammation not only leads to a ton of diseases and chronic ailments, but can drastically hinder your GAINS!

CBD oil has been shown to reduce pain in the body and has huge benefits when it comes to reducing inflammation.

CBD oil in fact has massive anti-inflammatory benefits for bodybuilders, athletes, and anyone training hard.

From MMA fighters to NBA players, CBD use is widespread among athletes - specifically for shutting down the extreme amounts of joint inflammation and pain from constantly pounding away at the weights, and helping the body relax and sleep at night after a day of stress combined with heavy training.

That means when you crush your leg day workouts and decide to go crazy on supersets 1 day in the gym…

CBD can reduce inflammation and pain in the body, and speed up recovery.

Best of all, this is without all of the side effects that come with taking an over the counter pain reliever like Advil and Tylenol.

Lower levels of inflammation and pain obviously result in much lower cortisol levels as well.

I felt like for years I had a lot of chronic pain after intense workouts, and was beginning to think this was normal.

  1. Improved REM Sleep

I had heard of tons of bodybuilders and athletes taking CBD before bed for improved sleep quality.

It’s a fact that the better quality sleep you get the faster your muscle growth and recovery will be.

According to experts, another huge benefit is improved REM sleep, which will help your body secrete more anabolic hormones.

REM sleep is where the magic happens in your body for gains and when you secrete the most hormones.

Sleep is something i’ve always struggled with, as late at night my mind wanders and I have a hard time falling asleep fast and waking up in the middle of the night, which results in much less overall quality sleep.

Since your body makes the most muscle gains while you’re sleeping - this was the tipping point for me to try CBD oil for improved muscle gains.

So does CBD instantly put you to sleep? In small doses not exactly.

CBD provides you with a calm and relaxed focus, however if you combine smaller doses of CBD with common natural sleep inducing compounds like melatonin and magnesium, both of which are found in ALPHA DREAMS of course - you can get yourself in an even more relaxed state.

Before I get into the results of my experiment, let’s make sure we are on the same page on what CBD actually is...


What is CBD and how is it different than Marijuana?


To put it simply, CBD is basically a derivative of the cannabis plant that we are all familiar with, aka “marijuana” + “weed”.  

When we are talking about the physical effects of “being stoned” we are actually talking about the THC from the hemp plant.

THC is what most recreational Marijuana smokers are looking for, and most likely what Arnold was looking for.

As if this guy needed any more luck, it turns out that the bodybuilding benefit isn’t from the THC, but from another compound found in marijuana called “CBD”.

Cannabidiol (aka “CBD”) pictured below is 1 of at least 85 active cannabinoids in cannabis, but is actually a major part of the overall cannabis plant, accounting for up to 40% of the plants total cannabinoid extract.


So you might be thinking, does CBD get you “high” as if you are smoking marijuana?

Absolutely not!

Here is precisely how its seperated from the THC so you can reap the benefits of smoking it, without the psychoactive side effects.


How CBD is separated from THC


Hemp fields are huge fields of cannabis plants that grow under conditions in which the male plants are given permission to fertilize the female plants.

When you seperate the male and female hemp plants, the females obviously can’t be pollinated - so they end up producing lots of THC as a result.

When the female hemp plant is allowed to be pollinated, it actually barely produces any THC (less than 1% THC)

So to lower THC production, the hemp farmers keep the male and female plants together.

Hemp plants used for CBD oil and capsules meet the international standards of less than 1% THC.

So What’s actually happening in your body when you consume CBD?


CBD acts as an agonist to a receptor called the 5-HT1A receptor, and is how CBD actually works as an antidepressant with anti anxiety effects.

CBD also serves as an “allosteric modulator” of your opioid receptors, which is how it works to remove pain while reducing the effects of chronic inflammation.

This is how it works its magic to reduce the pain and inflammation from intense training giving you a much more pleasant muscle recovery experience.

CBD also has really strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties due primarily to its effects on your adenosine receptors and cytochrome P-450 and 2C enzymes.

The end result is once again lower levels of pain and stress on the body which is always a good thing for making gains.

And now for the big one. How it zaps the biggest detriment to your gains - CORTISOL!

Your endocrine system consists of glands throughout your body which regulate everything from energy levels, metabolism and sex drive.

One function of the endocrine system is to respond to stress.

This is actually necessary for survival, but we know for most of us this gets out of hand and we can feel extremely stressed.

One huge benefit of cannabidiol in the endocrine system is it protects against excess levels of stress.

CBD has been scientifically documented shown to decrease plasma cortisol levels, and this is a huge benefit for making faster muscle gains!

CLICK HERE to read the science literature from this research test.


How safe is CBD?


CBD is nearly impossible to overdose on. Just like water, chocolate and even your favorite steamed veggie - it has extremely low levels of toxicity.

In fact, in the last 6,000 years CBD hasn’t killed anyone via overdose.

This is really impressive when you compare it to other anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, advil and tylenol which can cause major issues with gut lining, liver and kidneys!

To give you a comparison, aspirin kills over 1,000 people every year, and alcohol kills over 110,000 people a year!


Results of my 6 month CBD Experiment for Faster Gains


After learning about all these amazing benefits, let’s just say I was pretty damn excited to start taking CBD.

There were a few times of the day that I experimented with CBD use but for the majority of the experiment I stuck with post workout and about 1 hour before sleep.

It’s important to note that I workout in the afternoon around 1 PM - so I was basically having my CBD with my lunch/post workout meal.


CBD results on stress levels and cortisol


Within the first few days I will say that I felt a pretty dramatic difference in how my body felt during the day.

The usual tension and stress that I felt each day living a very fast paced life seemed to go away.

I would describe my post workout CBD use as a very calm and relaxed feeling. I was taking 10 MG of CBD oil post workout, but the absorption of my CBD oil is about 20x that of basic CBD products on the market so it is equivalent to about 200 MG.

Conventional hemp extracts have very poor absorption rates, so if you want to learn about what I was taking during my experiment make sure to read until the end.

The biggest benefit to taking CBD post workout is that little bit of stress or agitation i used to get when things didn’t go exactly my way with work were no longer getting to me.

This made me happy because one of my favorite quotes of all time is “the less fucks you give the better you will live”

So to put it simply - I was no longer sweating the small stuff and my workouts were taking off as a result.

By week 2 on daily post workout CBD I noticed a pretty big difference in my rate of recovery.

By stressing less post workout I noticed that my muscle building progress was happening faster and I was recovering from intense workouts quicker.

This makes sense as lower levels of cortisol will speed up both muscle building and recovery.


CBD Results on Inflammation and Pain


I’ve been training really hard to bring up my legs, so during my 6 month CBD experiment I decided to do 10 heavy sets of squats per week, and hit glutes, hamstrings, and Quads at least 3x Per week.

Talk about a good time to test out the effects of CBD on inflammation and pain.

While the pain 1-2 days after crushing leg day didn’t go away entirely, it was a pretty big difference.

I used to struggle to barely walk 2 days after a 20 set leg workout, but the actual body pain went from a 7 out of 10  to a 3 out of 10.

I also felt like my body’s largest and strongest muscle groups were recovering much faster. I was ready to hit legs again about 72 hours after CRUSHING them.

Guess what? According to the results of my Dexa Scan body composition test I gained a whopping 5 lbs. Of muscle mass in my legs over 6 months!

CBD 100% helped me recover faster and reduce post workout inflammation and pain.

By recovering faster between leg workouts I could increase the volume of my training each week, and make faster gains.


CBD Results on sleep


The 2nd time of the day when I took CBD was about 1 hour before bed. CBD would put me in a very relaxed and creative state - so I would often plan my upcoming day and write out my goals shortly after taking CBD.

By the time I was done, the CBD primed my body for the best sleep of my life.

I’m usually prone to being hyper at night and my mind running a million miles an hour.

Even taking 10 MG of my CBD (comparable to 200 mg of most others) I sometimes wouldn’t fall asleep fast.

However - what worked like magic was combining CBD with a sleep supplement I take that has melatonin and magnesium in it.

The combination of the CBD, magnesium and melatonin gave me the greatest sleep of my life, and was no doubt 1 of the main reasons I got such amazing results from the experiment.


My Overall Results


CBD has been the most promising bodybuilding supplement i’ve come across in many years and it works both directly and indirectly in so many ways.

Since I started taking 10-20 MG of CBD daily 6 months ago my strength has gone up on all the major lifts, I’ve gained 10 lbs. Of muscle mass, and i’ve lost 3 lbs. Of body fat.

Most importantly - I feel better than ever and i’m no longer plagued by the catabolic effects of cortisol and chronic inflammation.

Would I recommend daily CBD use to anyone looking to stress less and gain more muscle?

Yes - But you have to be really careful where you get it from.


Most CBD isn’t absorbed very well


By now you are probably thinking you can get your hands on any CBD and reap amazing benefits, but there is a huge problem.

CBD OIL is not easily absorbed by your body. They can spoil and become contaminated. They smell bad. They often taste bad too. And they’re not water soluble.

Water soluble is a huge thing!

We decided to work with the most trustworthy company during my experiment called Compound Solutions.

They created a groundbreaking type of CBD that is way more bioavailable.

I was using a CBD that is 20x more bioavailable than "regular" hemp extract, which is critical to maximizing the benefits.

It's estimated that 95% of "regular" hemp extract isn't absorbed thus requiring doses upwards of 200mg.

The CBD I was taking is fully water soluble which is crucial for efficiently transporting hemp extract into the bloodstream.

This is why I swear by NextHEMP™ from Compound Solutions, which is extracted from hemp grown in the U.S., and then encased in a proprietary bioavailability matrix for superior absorption into the body, 20x that of the leading hemp extract competitor.



This means that my 10 MG dose was equivalent to 200 MG of regular hemp extract!

After spending so much time researching everything you’ve just read about and experimenting with CBD oil, I can 100% confidently tell you that this is the stuff you need if you are going to take CBD for faster muscle gains.

I’m so happy with this quality CBD oil that ALPHA LION has partnered with Compound Solutions to bring the ultimate muscle building CBD product using NextHemp to market.

CLICK HERE and grab a bottle of HEMP GAINS

I would never endorse anything that I don't’ use and benefit from myself, and that’s why we decided to team up with NextHemp to create the ultimate muscle building CBD product with max absorption.

Just remember - If you’re not taking HEMP GAINS you aren’t making fast enough muscle gains!

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