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The Silent Muscle Killer Twice as Lethal as Alcohol!

by Troy Adashun | | | 0 Comments

In case you didn’t know there are 8 Silent Muscle Killers that are destroying 97% of guys gains.

Yes – I actually took a poll of 1,000 guys I was coaching Online Worldwide in 2016 and 970 answered YES to 1 of the silent muscle killers!

These 8 Silent Muscle Killers have absolutely nothing to do with your workout plan.

I’m also not going to bore you with another article about how you need to eat Grilled Chicken and Sweet potatoes 8 times a day to get Huge – so Macro Bro Science is also not one of the 8 Silent Muscle Killers.

This Silent Muscle Killer is what separates the guys who make super fast gains VS. the guys who struggle for years to build a muscular physique.

Ever wonder why there are those few select guys at your gym who seem to get bigger and stronger each week?

It’s because they have dialled in the intangibles and are NOT committing muscle building suicide, which you are about to see can be done in 8 specific ways.

One of the most lethal Muscle Killers of all time is Alcohol, but there is something twice as lethal as alcohol for building muscle mass.

Make sure you read until the end because I’m going to tell you the scientific reasons why alcohol sabotages your lean muscle gains, and an easy Hack you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

But first – we have something super important we need to cover.

If you are between the ages of 18-28 and are trying to pack on aggressive slabs of lean muscle mass make sure you pay very close attention, and I even encourage you to take notes.

Heck – write this on your refrigerator so you see it every single morning, or throw a Post-It note on your Tinder dates forehead if you have too.

You need to be reminded of this every single day so your NOT committing muscle building suicide. Let’s start this journey off with a simple question.

Quick question: When does your Body Actually Build bigger Biceps and larger Chest Muscles?

A. When you are chowing down a Chipotle Burrito Bowl

B. When you are At the Gym doing a superset of Bicep Curls.

C. When you are watching Netflix and Chillin with your Tinder Date

D. When you enter your REM sleep Cycle

Unfortunately, the answer is not C – although it is probably the most fun out of the options!

The correct answer is D – REM Sleep.

Notice that I said REM sleep, and not just sleep in general. Getting high-quality REM sleep is when your bicep muscles grow and your pectorals turn straight beast mode!




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