Alpha Lion Gives

What would you be able to accomplish if you were given the opportunity?

Since day one here at Alpha Lion, our goal has been to answer this question with real results.

That’s why we believe that if we inject the world with motivated SuperHumans ready to give back to those who need it most…

We can help create opportunities for other SuperHumans ready to accomplish the impossible.

Below are some of our ever-growing efforts to steer this journey towards positive change worldwide.

Vitamin Angels Partnership

“Injecting the world with motivated SuperHumans all starts with our kids. How can we as the human race expect this world to be a better place if our kids aren’t even given an opportunity at a proper life before they are even born? This is why our partnership with Vitamin Angels is so important to achieving our mission of making a positive difference all over the world.”

- Jordan Fares & Troy Adashun Co-Founders of Alpha Lion

In August 2019, we officially partnered with vitamin Angels

For every order under $99, we provide lifesaving Vitamin A supplements to one malnourished child for an entire year. For orders over $99, two malnourished children receive Vitamin A supplements for the entire year.

Malnourishment is the #1 cause of preventable death in children.

Vitamin A helps combat this malnourishment by aiding in the healthy development of:



Physical Growth

Illness Prevention

Our goal: To help Vitamin Angels reach an additional 1,000,000 children by the end of 2025...

And as you can see below, with the awesome support of our Alpha Fam, we’re absolutely on our way!

# of children we've helped so far

Our goal

1,000,000 children

The Karma Foundation

“Here at Alpha Lion, we want to build a strong legion of people whose first instinct is to help others. We believe that if you do good, good things will follow. And this is why we created the Karma Foundation.”

-Jordan Fares Co-Founder of Alpha Lion

Founded in Medellin, Colombia in January 2019, The Karma Foundation is our own non-profit organization that allows us to lend a helping hand to anyone—or anything—that needs some extra assistance. For every Alpha Lion purchase, we contribute a portion to The Karma Foundation.

Since inception, we have had the privilege of giving back to the following groups:

Based in Colombia, this foundation helps provide the basic necessities for underprivileged youth. We partnered with them to feed five children one meal for every piece of Alpha Lion apparel sold. Through our efforts, we were fortunate enough to provide over 3,000 meals for these kids.
The Komodo Dragon is the most badass reptile on the planet! And when we heard they’re on the verge of going extinct due to illegal smuggling, we immediately contacted the Komodo Survival Program and ran a campaign to give them 10% of all sale proceeds on Komodo Pump, our legendary non-stim pump inducer. The battle for survival wages on!
Based in Medellín, Colombia, this house run by Italian nuns provides all the basic necessities to kids who were abandoned or discovered in difficult situations. We are helping these youth develop new skills, allowing them to pursue new career opportunities. With a curriculum focused on STEM and English, we strive to offer the skills necessary to secure them with promising futures.
Because the Karma Foundation is in-house, there’s no limit or restrictions to when, what, where, who, and how we want to give back next. The possibilities are endless! And that limitless potential to provide opportunities excites us more than taking nine scoops of SuperHuman pre-workout!

Our passion to foster positive change transcends age. It transcends race. It transcends gender. It transcends species

We just want to help as many people, groups, and things as possible. Beyond quality supplements, this is the driving force behind our desire to grow Alpha Lion as a company.

Because at the end of the day…

A true Alpha Lion’s legacy is more than muscle.