be superhuman

Because being human is overrated

be superhuman

Because being human is overrated

We founded Alpha Lion with one goal: to redefine the impossible and empower people to be Superhuman.

We aren’t just a supplement company. We’re a movement.

And we want highly motivated, super talented people like you to be a vital part of our movement! (in a non-creepy, non-cult way.)


We started Alpha Lion in 2017, and we’re honestly just getting started.

Learning new things every day is essential to the process. Autopilot is not. And that’s the way we love it.

If complacency is your enemy and you wake up thinking “f*** the status quo!”, then Alpha Lion is where you belong.


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Here at Alpha Lion, we operate by the Japanese principle known as “kaizen”, or continuous improvement.

Mistakes aren't setbacks. They're valuable learning lessons to improve both the brand as well as ourselves.

Success and failure are experienced together—as a team.

the alpha culture

In the wild, "alpha" status is achieved through violence & bloodshed.

Here at Alpha Lion we're a tad more civilized...

But we still strive to embody the lion's state-of-mind.

We're fearless. Determined. Relentless in the pursuit of dominance. We take risks and initiative. We don't ask "what happens if we fail?" but rather "what happens if we succeed?"

We look out for each other. We take pride in our work. We focus more of our energy into our success as a team rather than individual accomplishments.

Above all else: we're here to redefine the impossible.


Note: Like our bicep size, we're rapidly expanding. So new positions are being added all the time.

Keep checking back if your dream job isn't available right now!








At this time there are no vacancies, come back later.

your office, reimagined

Before working from home became “cool” in 2020...

We had already established that a centralized office isn’t totally necessary to get sh*t done.

Spanning 10 different countries and 4 different continents so far, you’ll join a team that has the freedom to work wherever makes them happiest and most productive…

Without someone breathing down your neck. (Because that spreads germs. And that’s bad.)


Are there any benefits to working at Alpha Lion?

Does a bear sh*t in the woods? We hook you up with some sweet extra perks to make sure you're stoked to be here, including:

  • Free supplements + apparel
  • Paid vacation time
  • Paid birthday celebration
  • Work on your own schedule
  • A sense of overwhelming fulfillment knowing that you're helping inspire and motivate future Superhumans every day!

That last one is powerful.

Are work hours the typical 9 AM -5 PM?

Yes and no. Depending on the position, you might need to be available specific hours every day. But because we have people working from all over the world, what's most important is this:

As long as you get your sh*t done, it doesn't really matter when you put in the hours.

Do I have to bench press 500 pounds in order to be qualified for a job?

Of course not! While we believe being active is important for an overall healthy life, we care more about lifting spirits than lifting weights.

But if you can bench 500 pounds, don't tell co-founder Troy or else he might never hire you because he'll be too intimidated by your raw power.

Can I still apply if I live internationally?

Absolutely! Crushing your position and being a kick-ass part of our Alpha Fam can be done from anywhere.

In fact, right now we currently have people working in 10 different countries across 4 different continents! (Happy hours can be challenging.)

hit us up!

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Still unsure about something? Like where do babies come from? What's the best squat variation to maximize booty gains? How did your Creative Director get so good at writing this hilarious copy?

Any questions or concerns you have, email us at hr@alphalion.com


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