TITAN CUP (Crater Cap technology - 25 oz shaker)

TITAN CUP (Crater Cap technology - 25 oz shaker)

$ 16.95 USD
  • Fierce mixing technology 
  • Zero chunks and easy blending
  • Wide mouth design for easy drinking
  • Perfect for post workout or pre workout powders
  • Secure, no leak lock in lids
  • Convenient pill compartment at top 
  • Big Gulps - Huge 25 ounce cup
  • BPA free

          Product Description
          Giving Back

          The TITAN CUP is No Ordinary Shaker Cup … It’s Better

          This dynamic shaker features an amazing grip, solid snapping mouthpiece, convenient carry handle with rubberized grip for maximum comfort.

          The Titan Cup also has pill/powder compartment built into the lid so that you can prepare your chosen powder or take your supplements on your schedule. 

          Marked to 770mL/25oz. The Titan Cup holds 20% more liquid than the competition so you can get extra gains!

          Alpha Lion signature logo can be visibly seen on the front of the cup. The perfect dynamic shaker for pre workout, intra workout, or post workout powders and easy mixing!

          TITAN CUP Puts Other Cups to Shame


            *These results are not guaranteed and may vary from one user to another.

            Beyond producing premium supplements, Alpha Lion's driving force is giving back to those who need it most. Through our partnership with Vitamin Angels, you have the power to change lives with every order!
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