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In the wild, Alpha status is reached through aggression, violence, and bloodshed. Here at Alpha Lion, we're a tad more civilized. So these are a few of the values that keep us focused on our quest to always make Alpha Lion the best possible experience for you.



The cornerstone of Alpha Lion’s philosophy is kaizen—the Japanese principle of “continuous self-improvement.” We make sure this is at the forefront of our daily lives in both body and mind, but also as an evolving company.

We never settle for “good enough.” Whether it’s our customer service, supplement formulas, or jaw-dropping butts, we’re always going to make improvements.

No Shortcuts

You can’t get a six pack overnight. You can’t change the world overnight. You can’t become an Alpha Lion overnight. Greatness takes time, and we’re here for the long haul.

For Alpha Lion, this means an emphatic HELL NO to performance-enhancing drugs. All of our supplements were created after hundreds of hours of research and testing to ensure maximum dosage, safety, and purity.

Spare Some Change

Change is good. It’s part of life! We embrace change as a necessary part of our mission to completely transform our bodies, minds, and souls.

We also believe that whenever given the chance, we should always “spare some change” for those who need it most. Providing opportunities for others to develop into motivated SuperHumans is the number one thing that motivates us to work harder as a company. Check out our Alpha Lion Gives page to see some of this positive change in action!

ABC (Always Be Casper)

Friendly and transparent, like Casper the Friendly Ghost. You’ll never find our formulas hidden under deceitful proprietary blends. With each product, you’ll know EXACTLY how much of each ingredient it contains and what its purpose is in the formula.

And if we screw up somewhere along the line—like the time we made a flavor that tasted “like a rat’s a**hole” according to a dissatisfied customer—we’ll be the first to admit and fix our mistakes.

Down Nine, Up Ten

The world is a tough place. We’re going to suffer rejection. We’re going to struggle with failure. We’re going to get knocked down hundreds of times. But we refuse to let our past setbacks dictate our future success as people and as a company.

No matter how many times we get knocked down, we’re not going to stay down. We will keep rising—no matter how difficult—to keep fighting because the resilient spirit of a true Alpha Lion rejects the option of defeat.

A World Bigger

We love watching our pecs jump around like excited fans at a House of Pain concert, but we’re here for reasons bigger than complete muscular domination.

We’re striving to set the example that we should leave this world more jacked, more compassionate, and more empathetic than when we found it.

Because there’s a world bigger than us that needs more selfless Alpha Lion leaders.