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Cashback FAQ

What is CashBack?

CashBack is a simple way to give you money back for shopping with Alpha Lion. 

How can I place an order with a CashBack incentive?

After subscribing to our Email and SMS list, you'll receive a special link to add CashBack to your order, along with a code for a mystery gift. CashBack is only accessible by clicking the provided link in the welcome email or text. This offer is limited to one per customer.

How do I know if the Cashback is applied to my order?

Once you click on the link, you will be redirected to the Alpha Lion website. Add 1 item to the cart, and as soon as you add the item the cashback product will be automatically added too. 


Can I use a discount code and Cashback in the same order?

The cashback is only compatible with the Mystery gift code from the welcome flow (ALPHAFAM2). If you use a different code and the cashback in the same order, the cashback will be automatically suspended after placing the order.

How do I redeem my CashBack?

We've partnered with Fondue for our CashBack service. Here's how to claim your incentive:

  • After placing your CashBack order, watch for an email from alphalion@getfondue.com.  (Check Spam, just in case)
  • Complete the CashBack redemption form.
  • Choose your preferred redemption method: Prepaid Virtual Visa card (20%) or Alpha Lion gift card (25%).
  • Collect your cashback after 30 days from your purchase. (You'll receive the end date of the holding period in an email.)

Can I use a discount code with my CashBack offer?

CashBack is only valid with the welcome flow mystery gift code. Applying any other discount code will suspend your CashBack offer.

How long does it take to get my CashBack?

Once you confirm your selection, details about your Visa prepaid card or Alpha Lion Store credit will be provided immediately. You will be able to use it once the holding period is over (30 natural days). 

Why is there a holding period to receive my CashBack?

A 30-day holding period is in place to prevent fraud.

Where can I find my prepaid card or store credit?

If you choose a Visa prepaid card, we'll email you the details and a secure link to access your card. For Alpha Lion store credit, we'll send you a gift card for 25% cashback.

Where can I use this Visa prepaid card?

Anywhere that accepts Visa, which is over 44 million merchants in more than 200 countries and territories.

Where can I check my balance and statement on my Visa prepaid card?

Upon selecting a Visa prepaid card, you'll receive an email with a secure link for card details. For statements, email support@getfondue.com with the last four digits of your card.

My Visa prepaid card was declined. What should I do?

Ensure your card has sufficient funds and that you entered the correct card details. If issues persist, contact card@getfondue.com with charge details for assistance.


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