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Our Process

Using our industry-first 9-step product development process.

“We believe each product should not only be of the highest quality but also 100% uniquely innovative. In an industry tainted by proprietary blends and cheap, underdosed copy-cat formulas, we knew the easiest way to stand out would be to simply create the best products on the market.

That’s why we created the industry’s first 9 step product development checklist that ensures each product is of maximum quality and innovative to the marketplace. We at Alpha Lion believe the best way to stand out is to “be so good they can’t ignore you” and this is our commitment to YOU with each product!”

- Jordan Fares and Troy Adashun (Alpha Lion Co-Founders)


Identify the problem

Would you believe that most supplement companies simply create products they think will make them money instead of asking themselves “what is the exact problem we are trying to solve?”

Each supplement should serve a specific purpose, and we carefully identify what that is so we can source the best ingredients on earth and create a 100% unique formula with maximum effectiveness. All in the name of providing you with the best supplements to crush your fitness goals.


Innovative formulas

Our product development team works closely with other key members of the Alpha Lion team to ensure that each formula is cutting edge and helps deliver fast results to you. The heart and soul of every product all comes down to the formula.

While most supplement companies use proprietary blends and copycat formulas, we enter the market in a bold way with innovative formulas to help you reach your goals faster. In an industry bloated with followers, we pride ourselves on being leaders of innovation.


Max dosages

It’s one thing to have an innovative formula, but it’s completely another to have each ingredient packed at maximum dosage. Check the formulas for yourself! Every single product uses a max dosage of each and every ingredient.

While many companies choose to save money on product cost and underdose their formulas, we wanted to stand out from the crowd and ensure every product is max-dosed so you experience the fastest results possible.


Delicious Flavors

For the products that require special flavoring, we collaborate with our flavor house specialists to develop unique, dynamic, & custom flavors that are sure to differentiate each formula's profile from the competition. We do this to ensure that every drop of gains will be mouth-wateringly delicious.


Premium Ingredients

We only use the best premium ingredients on the market. You will see across our products the inclusion of branded ingredients that are supported by research demonstrating their efficacy. Unlike most other supplement companies, we never add an ingredient solely for marketing hype.

Alpha Lion believes in giving you both the truth and the best ingredients for each product, plain and simple.


Ingredient testing

Each vendor we get ingredients from are third-party tested to verify ingredient integrity as part of our Vendor Qualification Program. All inbound ingredients are then held in our climate-controlled facility under Quarantine.

Ingredients are sampled and tested by Quality Control personnel for purity, potency, and accuracy. Only after this rigorous testing are ingredients able to be brought into the production area.


Gmp certified facilities

Alpha Lion uses a GMP Certified manufacturing facility. The entire process is monitored through continuous Line Checks performed by Quality Unit Personnel, Area Leads, and Management.

The product is then sampled, tested, and evaluated at multiple stages by Quality Control for conformity against approved standards.


Third-party testing

Every finished product is collected and sent out to third-party labs for independent verification testing on potency, purity, microbe contamination, heavy metals, allergens and pesticides to verify that our products are 100% safe and meet label claims. We also select our products at different times of the year to be sent out to another third-party testing lab—so products are forced to pass not one but two different layers of third-party testing.

While most companies don’t use any third-party testing, we have two layers of testing to ensure that every Alpha Lion product you receive is the highest quality possible.


Alpha tester Approved

Before official release, we send every product to our intensive team of “Alpha Testers” to give us feedback on the quality and performance of each product. These are 100% unbiased reviews.

From these, we go back to the Alpha laboratory and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that when the product reaches you, you’re receiving the highest quality possible.


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